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The UMBC Campus Card is an integral part of campus life. It is the instrument that establishes your identity at UMBC, give access to various services such as the Library and RAC, opens doors as part of access control and, with the depositing of funds, buys services and merchandise both on campus and at participating stores in the surrounding communities.
While UMBC Mail Services handles the postal needs of campus departments, individuals have access to United States Postal Service (USPS) mailing services and Federal Express (FedEx) shipping resources through the Campus Card Center. Sales are cashless with purchases made using the Campus Card. All USPS services, except money orders and passport photos are available.

Changes to Mail Pickup Times

Effective as of August 22, 2016, the last mail pickup occurs at 3:30pm daily (Mon-Fri). Mail received prior to 3:30pm will be postmarked and processed same-day. Mail received after 3:30pm will be postmarked and processed the next business day.

Important Changes to Block Meal Plans

Effective as of the Fall 2015 semester, “Students can change their block meal plan during the first two weeks of a semester (grace period). During this time, the processing fee will be waived. After the grace period, block plans are NOT refundable with the exception of changing to a recurring regular or Ultimate plan.” Terms and Conditions for 2016-2017 can be viewed here.

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