Departmental Campus Card (DCARD)

The Departmental Campus Card is intended for use on campus to provide a simplified method for small food purchases, copier use, pay-for-print services, postal goods, and small UMBC Bookstore purchases in support of authorized departmental activities and to minimize the need for and use of ‘Petty Cash’ funds. It is a convenience offering intended to facilitate accounting for low-end, small-volume purchases.

Obtaining a DCARD is a quick and easy process. The process is to be initiated by the cardholder by clicking here. Once you have completed your portion of the application, you will be contacted via email with instructions on how to access the DCARD Training portal. Both the cardholder and supervisor must successfully complete the training session. Once completed, your DCARD will be fabricated and you will be notified when it is ready for pickup.

Changes in cardholder or supervisor information may also be initiated by clicking here.

For any questions regarding the DCARD or to increase your balance, please click here.

DCARD Documents

DCARD Terms & Conditions – Last revised: 10/25/2023
DCARD Monthly Log

DCARD Deposit Procedures

  1. Click here to access a request form
  2. Enter your DCARD (ex: DCRD90000) into the subject line
  3. Select DCARD from the Request Type drop-down
  4. In the Message field, enter the amount to be added to the DCARD as well as the chart string and account number you wish the funds to be drawn from
  5. Select Submit

Campus Card will prepare the JE using the chart string you provide. The chart string must be a valid chart string for your department. Please allow one business day for the funds to be deposited. You will receive a copy of the JE, which we submit to the Financial Reporting office, for your records. RTs will only be accepted from the DCARD cardholder or DCARD Supervisor.

UMBC Policy on Reimbursement for Business Meals and Purchases of Food Services other than Employee Travel

DCARD Program Administrator: Diane McCredie,, 410-455-1316