Summer 2022 Dining Options


All students are welcome to purchase a Summer semester meal plan – see prices below!

Summer Terrific 12 – $110-$1,210
Summer Flex – $50
Summer Flex – $100
Valid from Monday, June 6th through Friday, August 19th

The Summer Terrific 12 meal plan provides 12 meals per week for every week of your Summer semester(s). This plan is billed at a rate of $110 per week to accommodate the 4, 6, 8, and 12-week summer classes. Meals do not roll over from week to week and any unused meals will expire at the end of the Summer semester. Unlike regular semester meal plans, the Summer Terrific 12 can only be used at True Grit’s dining hall and does not come with any Flex dollars. If desired, Flex may be purchased separately as either the Summer Flex – $50 or the Summer Flex – $100.

Students living in a traditional residence hall during the Summer semester(s) are required to purchase the Summer Terrific 12 meal plan. After purchasing, this meal plan may not be voluntarily canceled. Summer Terrific 12 meal plans may only be canceled upon withdrawal from classes and/or release from on-campus housing.

Summer Flex $50 and $100

The Summer $50 Flex and $100 Flex offers either $50 or $100 of Flex which can be spent at any operating Chartwells location. Additional Summer Flex may be purchased (in denominations of $50 or $100) if the initial balance is exhausted and additional funds are desired. As a reminder, all Summer Flex will carry over and be available for use during the Fall 2022 semester.

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