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Campus Card

Curious as to what you can do with your campus card?
Your campus card can be used any place on campus that accepts the campus card. Some off campus merchants will also accept payment through your campus card, provided you have funds in your Campus Cash or Food Fund accounts. Off Campus Merchants cannot use your meal plan or Flex dollars that are attached to your meal plan. The only exception to this is Papa Johns; Flex can be used at this location only. Making deposits onto your campus card is fast and easy. The Campus Card also works as your photo ID, RAC Card, Library Card, and Transit Card.

There are two different ways to make deposits; online or in person. You may deposit money onto your card online with a Mastercard, American Express, and/or Discover card.

1. Log into your ‘myUMBC’ account.

2. Select the Billing and Personal Finances option underneath the Topics tab.

3. Select Managing Campus Card.

4. Make a deposit.

In addition you can go to any of the 8 cash to card machines on campus to add money to your card. These machines are located in the A.O.K Library, the Commons, True Grits,  The Campus Card Center, and University Health Services (UHS). You may also write a check and mail it or hand it personally to the Campus Card Office.

To read the Terms and Conditions of the Campus Card, click here.

For additional questions or concerns regarding the UMBC Campus Card, please click here.