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New Ice Cream Vending Machine

Recently added to the snack and beverage vending program, is an ice cream machine. The machine is located in the lobby of the University Center, first floor. Escape the late summer heat and check it out!

Healthy Vending Machines

Check out these vending machines for a healthier snack alternative:

  • University Center – ground floor
  • Fine Arts
  • RLC
  • Math/Psychology Building – replacing coffee machine on Biology side
  • ITE Building – 4th floor
  • Sondheim Building

Coca-Cola Beverage and Canteen vending machines conveniently located:
  • Administration Building
  • Biology Building
  • Chesapeake Dorm
  • Community Center
  • 2nd Floor Commons Building
  • ECS
  • Erickson Dorm
  • Harbor Hall Dorm
  • ITE
  • Library
  • Math/Psych Building
  • Patapsco Dorm
  • Performing Arts & Humanities
  • Physical Plant
  • Physics Building (loading dock area)
  • Potomac Dorm
  • Public Policy
  • RAC
  • South Campus Building
  • Sondheim Building
  • Susquehanna Dorm
  • TRC
  • University Center
  • Walker Avenue Apartments

Vending Coordinator
John Roemer