Our snack and cold beverage vending items are affordably priced between $1.50 and $2.50. Please note, when using a credit or debit card at the vending machines, there will be a $2.50 charge posted to your personal credit/debit account statement. Once the transaction settles, the proper price will be posted to your personal credit/debit account statement.

Smart Market Vending in ITE Building!

Located conveniently inside the ITE Building, the new Smart Market vending area boasts a wide variety of snacks and beverages. Snack options include health-conscience foods such as salads, legumes, and protein bars as well as favorite and traditional snacks like chips and candy. Need more than just a snack? Smart Market vending has you covered with an assortment of ready-to-go sandwiches, including breakfast sandwiches and Hot Pockets! In addition to a plethora of food items to choose from, Smart Market vending also includes bottled drinks such as sodas, teas, and water. An assortment of hot and fresh coffee is available, too! All items are easily accessible and may be purchased with cash, credit card, or Retriever Dollars.

Vending machines offering whole foods and smarter snacks are branded with the enr-G logo.

Check out these vending machines for competitively-priced healthier snack alternatives:

  • University Center – ground floor
  • Retriever Activity Center (RAC)
  • A.O.K Library – RLC
  • Information Technology & Engineering Building (ITE)
  • Math/Psychology Building
  • Sondheim Building

Coca-Cola Beverage and Canteen vending machines offering low-calorie beverages are conveniently located:
  • Administration Building
  • Biological Sciences Building
  • Chesapeake Residence Hall
  • Apartment Community Center
  • Commons Building
  • Engineering Building
  • Erickson Residence Hall
  • Fine Arts Building
  • Harbor Residence Hall
  • Information Technology & Engineering Building (ITE)
  • A.O.K Library
  • Math/Psych Building
  • Meyerhoff Building
  • Patapsco Residence Hall
  • Performing Arts & Humanities Building
  • Physical Plant
  • Physics Building (loading dock area)
  • Potomac Residence Hall
  • Public Policy Building
  • Retriever Activity Center (RAC)
  • South Campus Building
  • Sondheim Building
  • Susquehanna Residencee Hall
  • Technology Research Center (TRC)
  • University Center
  • Walker Avenue Apartments

Submit your vending questions, concerns, or refund requests here, or call the Campus Card & Mail Services office at 443-612-2273.