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Our snack and cold beverage vending items are affordably priced between $1.50 and $2.50. Please note, when using a credit or debit card at the vending machines, there will be a $2.50 charge posted to your personal credit/debit account statement. Once the transaction settles, the proper price will be posted to your personal credit/debit account statement.

Vending machines offering whole-foods and smarter snacks are branded with the enr-G logo.

Check out these vending machines for competitively-priced healthier snack alternatives:

  • University Center – ground floor
  • Retriever Activity Center (RAC)
  • Library – RLC
  • Math/Psychology Building – replacing coffee machine on Biology side
  • Sondheim Building

Coca-Cola Beverage and Canteen vending machines offering low-calorie beverages are conveniently located:
  • Administration Building
  • Biology Building
  • Chesapeake Dorm
  • Community Center
  • 2nd Floor Commons Building
  • ECS
  • Erickson Dorm
  • Harbor Hall Dorm
  • ITE
  • Library
  • Math/Psych Building
  • Patapsco Dorm
  • Performing Arts & Humanities
  • Physical Plant
  • Physics Building (loading dock area)
  • Potomac Dorm
  • Public Policy
  • RAC
  • South Campus Building
  • Sondheim Building
  • Susquehanna Dorm
  • TRC
  • University Center
  • Walker Avenue Apartments

Vending Coordinator
Loretta Walk
Submit your vending questions, concerns and/or refund requests here!