Student Meal Plans and Flex

UMBC provides a variety of meal plans to ensure each individual students needs are met. Once you’ve decided on the plan that’s right for you, click here to purchase the plan. Each meal plan resets weekly on Sunday nights, with the exception of block meal plans. The prices shown below are prices for the Fall 2021 semester.

Meal Plan  Flex Dollars  Price per Semester
The Ultimate   $80.00   $2470
Savvy 16 $105.00   $2470
 Flexible 14   $85.00   $2698
Flexible 10   $90.00   $2253
 Terrific 12   $90.00   $2131
 Super 225 Block*  $100.00   $2235

All of the meal plans above come with 5 Guest Meals that can be use to treat family and friends to meals. They cannot be used as ‘extra’ meals by the cardholder. Guest Meals may only be used at True Grit’s Dining Hall.

Students living in a traditional residence hall (Chesapeake, Erickson, Harbor, Patapsco, Potomac, and Susquehanna) are not eligible to sign up for the following meal plans.

Meal Plan  Flex Dollars  Price per Semester
Flexible 5   $60.00   $940
 Mega 50 Block*   $25.00   $520
 Mini 25 Block*   N/A   $263

*Block meal plans are presented as a total count of meals that are available for an entire semester. They do not reset weekly*

Meal Exchange and Meal Periods
Meal Period  Exchange Amount  Hours
 Breakfast  $6.90  6:00am to 10:59am
 Lunch  $6.90  11:00am to 3:59pm
 Dinner  $6.90  4:00pm to 7:59pm
 Late Night  $6.90  8:00pm to 2:59am

Please click here for more information regarding the various dining locations and offerings

True Grit’s Door Prices
 Meal Period  Price
 Breakfast  $8.32 + tax
 Lunch/Brunch  $12.02 + tax
 Dinner  $13.19 + tax