Winter 2023 Meal Plan Information

All students are welcome to purchase a meal plan for the Winter 2023 semester. Winter meal plans will begin with breakfast on Tuesday, January 3rd, and will conclude with dinner on Friday, January 27th. Please review the available meal plan options and information included below.

Meal Plan (No Flex) Price
Winter Ultimate $587.00
Winter Savvy 16 $581.00
Winter Terrific 12 $502.00
Winter Mini 25 $280.00
Winter $50 Flex $50.00


  • Winter Session 2023 meal plans are required for 9-month housing residents. The Winter $50 Flex option will be automatically applied.
  • Apartment Residents and Commuters are not required to purchase a Winter meal plan but may do so if desired.
  • Sign up by December 15th, 2022, to guarantee the charge appears on your January 1st, 2023, E-Bill.
  • Meal plan changes are accepted prior to January 3rd, 2023. No changes may be made after this date.
  • Winter Meal Plans do not include Flex Dollars and may only be used True Grits. The Winter $50 Flex may be purchased alongside a Winter meal plan. Winter $50 Flex may be used at all dining locations.
  • Unused Winter $50 Flex will be available for use during Spring 2023

Residents living in 9-month housing (Potomac Hall and/or Harbor Hall 1st North, 1st West, 2nd South, 2nd West, 3rd South, and 3rd West) are required to have a Winter meal plan as a condition of the 9-month housing contract and will be automatically enrolled in a Winter session meal plan. For your convenience, all 9-month housing students will be given the Winter $50 Flex with Spring rollover option. This is because your housing license requires a meal plan for the Winter Session 2023, which is from Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023 through Friday, January 27th, 2023. Larger meal plans are available (see above).

Unlike the regular semester, Winter Session meal plans do not include Flex Dollars. If desired, these must be purchased separately as the Winter $50 Flex option. Please note that unused Winter Session 2023 Flex Dollars will carry over and be available for use during the Spring 2023 semester. As noted, meal plans will begin on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023, and conclude on Friday, January 27th, 2023. Winter Session 2023 meal plans will appear as a separate charge on your student account.

Winter Session 2023 meal plan selections must be made by Wednesday, December 15th, 2022 to ensure that the charge will appear on your January 1st, 2023 Student Account (E-Bill). Click here to sign up for your plan today! After the December 15th, 2022 signup deadline, changes to meal plans for Winter Session 2023 will be accepted prior to January 3rd, 2023. Changes may be done by clicking here to submit an RT Ticket. Voluntary meal plan users in the apartments, and commuters, may select any available meal plan for Winter Session 2023. Click here to sign up now! No meal plan changes may be made after the start of the Winter Session, January 3rd, 2023.

Winter Session 2023 meal plans (Winter Ultimate, Winter Savvy 16, Winter Terrific 12, and Winter Mini 25) may only be used at True Grits Dining Hall. The Winter $50 Flex option can be used at True Grits Dining Hall as well as all other dining locations on campus. Consider purchasing the Winter $50 Flex in conjunction with your Winter Session meal plan to maximize your dining options. If your Winter $50 Flex plan is exhausted before the conclusion of the Winter Session 2023, additional plans may be purchased. Simply click here to add an additional Winter $50 Flex plan.