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Where can I exchange/pick up my card?

You may exchange/pick up your new card at the Campus Card Center anytime during normal business hours. The Campus Card Center is open Monday – Friday from 8:30AM – 4:00PM. Our office is located on the first floor of the University Center, room 112.

Why do I have to turn in my old card?

The old “red” card must be surrendered in order to receive your new card. The new card is an exact copy of your “red” card in terms of the information printed and encoded on it. To avoid any potential security or theft issues, two active cards may not be in circulation at one time.

Is there a deadline to pick up the card?

Yes, however, the deadline has not yet been determined. You will receive further email correspondence once the deadline is determined.

Will my current campus card still work if I do not exchange it for the new one?

Yes, your “red” card will continue to work for the time being. Once the deadline to pick up the new card has passed, the “red” card will no longer work.

Do I need to have my new card recoded for RAC, RLC, or Lab access?

No. RAC, RLC, and Lab access information will be automatically encoded on all new cards. Note: Residential access will need to be restored. Please visit the Office of Residential Life, the Apartment Community Center, or your Residential Community front desk to have your residential swipe access programmed on the new card.

Can my new campus card be mailed?

No. For security reasons, you must be present with your current campus card, and a form of valid, government-issued photo ID for the exchange.